Queens Head's smashburger
2 x 70g beef patties with roman sallad, cheddar, silver onion, bacon and dressing.
Served with fries, coleslaw and tarragon mayonnaise.
239 kr
Available both as vegetarian and as vegan.
Add extra meat +40kr

Fish ´n chips
Beer battered cod served with fries, tartar sauce and pea sallad.
239 kr
Add extra fish for +40kr

Pork schnitzel
Served with red wine sauce and potato sallad.
249 kr

Served with roasted potatoes, coleslaw and pickled red onion.
279 kr

300g Sirloin steak
Served with red wine sauce, bok choy and tarragon mayonnaise.
Choose between fries or oven roasted potatoes.
379 kr

Roasted veggie bowl
Oven roasted: beetroot, pumpkin, two kinds of carrots and bok choy.
Served with chickpeas, walnuts, feta cheese and tomato & nut sauce.
199 kr
Vegetarian. Available as vegan.