Queen's Hamburger
2 smash burgers with American dressing, cheddar, gouda, roman salad and dill pickled cucumber.
Served with fries, coleslaw and aioli.
239 kr
Extra meat +40 kr

Chickpea and tofu burger available vegetarian or vegan
Made in house vegan burger with tomato and nut sauce, grated carrots with tahini dressing and walnuts.
Served with fries, coleslaw and vegan aioli.
229 kr

Beer Battered Fish `n Chips
Served with tartar sauce, lemon and
mono pea salad.
239 kr
Extra fish +40kr

Pork schnitzel with lemon and chili butter.
Served with roasted potatoes, herb smetana and salad.
249 kr

Spare Ribs
Beer braised spare ribs glaced in cherry BBQ sauce.
Served with roasted potatoes, pickled red onions & coleslaw.
249 kr

Queen’s Heads Ossobuco
Veal braised in IPA, thyme and garlic.
Served with roasted root vegetables and brussel sprouts.
279 kr

Almond breaded chèvre cheese
Oven roasted chèvre served with marmalade and pea salad.
229 kr

If you have allergies, please contact the staff